Males / Boromir I Will Rock You

Boromir I Will Rock You

Mainefield's out of the Blue
MCO w 61

Mainefield's You Are My Inspiration
MCO as 
Demmis Roussos Pellumia MCO as
Mainefield's Germaine
MCO fs 
Justcoon Ha Shisch
MCO w 63
Elphinstone Irish Cooler
MCO es 22
Olympia Della Tribu Del Deserto
MCO w 63
DK Boromir Twilight Princess
MCO ns 0922

Supernova Gaucho De Indios
Justcoon Cross Fire
MCO d 09 23
 (N) Summerfield's Savannah
DK Boromis Happy Splash
MCO ns 09 22
DK Timita's Nemo
MCO ns 09 22
DK Boromir Hope
MCO f 09 22
DOB: 12.11.2013
MCO ns 09 22

DAD: Mainefield's Out of the Blue
MOM: Boromir Twilight Princess

HCM Gen-Test N/N (MyBPC3)

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